Consumers are moved by what they see which highlight the importance of a product image.
Let’s understand some of the importance:

Image First
For every product listed, the first thing seen is the image.
Consumers’ tend to look out for a particular colour, size, style and other qualities.

Image Size
The larger the size, the better convincing it is for consumers who lookout for every product details.
No consumer wants to enlarge a small picture as it makes it unclear and pixelated.

Images in Multiple Angles
Product image displayed at various angles gives consumers the feeling of the product being held.
An image is hardly enough to convince the consumer.
More images will lead to sales increase and a decrease in returns.

Good Image – Good Brand
A good image promotes itself, being its own ambassador.
When they say an image is worth a thousand words, it can highlight unnecessary move of contacting a celebrity for your product representation.

Competitive Advantage
A good quality image will give you an edge over your competitors as the customer will be convinced of your product superiority.
It would be wise to have a good professional photographer.

Product Spread
When products have good images they are likely to spread all over the internet.
Facebook and Tumblr are good social media sites where products can be promoted.
The products with superior images have a higher chance of being shared by everybody and thus spread widely.

The importance of good quality images for your online business cannot be overemphasized.
To grow above thousands of online stores that compete against you, you should engage in all the necessary tactics available.
Making use of a good quality image is certainly one of them.
Find someone who is good at taking photographs or better yet, learn the photography skills yourself.


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