A different study by the Aberdeen Group on more than 500 retail and enterprise businesses revealed that 38.4% of respondents categorized ‘multichannel customers’ as more profitable.

Print Catalog

Online retailers need to assess the design and distribution of a print catalogue.
An online store alongside a print catalogue works really well complementing the weaknesses of each other with their individual strength.
Customers go through the catalogue for products they like and then go online to buy them.
Catalogs are readily visible and accessible, containing limited competitive offerings that make it valuable in a niche market.
Online retailers can examine the costs involved to create one, such as the design and layout, listing, distribution and postage.
They can also make use of conversion metrics to develop their ROI model.
The first page of the catalogue should contain the value proposition, policies on order placing and returns.
The URL should be visible on all catalogue pages as well as numbers for a quick shop.


Limitations in Print Catalog
Catalogs are great for sales but they have their limitations.
Some of them are:

  • Low level of customer interaction
  • Low quality of content and image due to limited page space
  • Some products, in businesses with large assortments, don’t make it into the catalogue

However, it is these limitations that have made the catalogue work well with the web.
The online store reduces buying hesitancy as it informs the customer with enhanced content.
Just as the catalogue complements the e-commerce business, it is essential that the site also complements the catalogue as well.
Online shops should have the ‘quick shop’ search that enables the customer to make a print catalogue request.

A good media version of the catalogue should also be available online and should be easily emailed to a family member or friend.
When they are used alongside each other, a print catalogue and an e-commerce store can be a potent way through which incremental sales can be driven.
A multichannel method should be considered for the maximization of the potential of online businesses.
It also helps in building the complete loyalty of every business’s customer base.


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